3 Important things to keep in mind When Shopping For Your Laptop Messenger Bags

Laptop Messenger Bags are an agile, fashionable, street-wise and comfortable option to safely transport your laptop anywhere you want. At first thought they may seem less sturdy or secure than briefcases or thick laptop carriers, but as the market adapts to new technological needs, so do these popular bags. You only have to take a few things into consideration before making the jump and getting yourself a new one.

Dimensional Requirements, Weight and Comfort

There are different sizes of laptops, and thus different sizes of laptop messenger bags. Though normally a bag will fit most sizes, even the biggest ones, it is always a good idea to check its dimensions to ensure that you will be able to comfortably fit your laptop. Usually most bags are designed for 15 inch laptops, but many can fit 17 inch or even bigger sizes. Your bag should also have plenty of spare room for any accessories, peripherals or personal belongings you might want to include. Also, take into account that a large bag with a larger laptop will weigh considerably more than the smaller models with smaller devices, and so you should make sure the strap is wide and comfortable, preferably padded and including a shoulder piece and adjustable length.


If you are a frequent flyer, your bag should fit the dimensional requirements for hand held luggage of your airline as well as accommodate any personal and additional belongings you might want to carry along. Similar standards apply on most trains. Some laptop messenger bags also include a special strap that lets you attach it to wheeled luggage. If you ride a bike, make sure that the messenger bag has straps that you can secure around your waist. But maybe you just need to take your laptop with you on short trips in town. In that case you will not need all the extra accessories, as comfort and lightweight will be your main priorities.

Fashion Statement

You can find all sorts of styles available in most street and online shops.  Any fabric, design and color of your choice are out there. Yes, you can benefit from all the advantages of good old messenger bags (durability, convenience, comfort) and at the same time make your desired fashion statement. Maybe you still want your regular old canvas messenger bag – the type that messengers actually carry – only you want it to be specially designed for your laptop. It is there, too. Look up your favorite bag manufacturers and designers; they will usually have laptop bags in their collection.

Finding Good Value For Your Money

This is normally the biggest concern for everyone. Laptop messenger bags do not necessarily need to be expensive because they are specially adapted. Their price will increase according to the different add-ons, features, material quality and designer names.

If you are familiar with all the features you need in your bag, then finding a good value will be a matter of searching different manufacturers for similar items. As always, the rule still applies: It is worth spending a bit more in exchange of greater durability.