How to choose the best notebook bag for you?

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 Computer BackpacksOne of the most popular and most useful accessories for notebook is definitely the notebook bag or laptop bag or laptop sleeve. Tablets, phablets and smartphones may be raging in force but notebooks still have their say in our daily work irrespective of professions so we will need to find the best notebook bag to accommodate our machine. It does not matter if we are on the move for business or personal reasons our notebook is coming with us. But one thing is very important we need to protect our notebook as much as you can. The best protective solution for this is a well-designed and uncompromising notebook bag. A notebook bag is not only for protection, but it also serves to bring along all our notebook accessories.

When looking for a bag for your notebook or laptop, you need to take inventory of some quick facts:

  • The kind and nature of the work you do: white collars will not have the same needs as programmers.
  • The distance you will be traveling daily: maybe from home to work or from home to the nearest Starbucks
  • Your transportation means: foot, bicycles, cars, subway…
  • The weight and exterior material of the notebook.
  • The general weather in your area.
  • Wheelie Strap: to hold your notebook tight in the bag. You don’t want to leave it loose.

Computer bags for men

Trying to find a masculine, but not boring computer bad for men can be quite a chore. At your local store you are not likely to find computer bags for men that have character or a sturdy build. It is worth taking some time to look off the beaten path for a bag, you’d be surprised what can be found.

Rough and Rugged

Under this option you can find a bag looks like it belongs on a hiking trail or at a construction site— offers plenty of padding, reinforced siding, and many different organizational pockets and compartments.

There are also those laptop cases that bring to mind James Bond— looks like whatever it contains should be both secret and important. Made from the strongest plastics, stainless steel, and rubber these cases are everything proof. If you frequent places with harsh and unpredictable environmental conditions these are your cases.

Are you a digital nomad? You’ll love this bag.


Find a reporter style bag that is a perfect choice for professionals. An at home design in the urban jungle and loaded with features to help protect its contents. Also having PVC coated canvas that is waterproof, ensuring nothing compromises the safety of your valuables. The arrangement of the bag will perfectly blend organization and accessibility.

Some prefer backpacks— one strapped bags can leave your shoulders sore and make walking significant distances uncomfortable. For professionals on the run, there are backpacks that are perfect with sophisticated designs that make them look perfectly at home in a startup board room and it doesn’t conjure images of school yards. Backpacks that are all grown up and ready for the real word.

Low Key and Everyday

Under this option you will find a neat bag where its design is funky yet refined and its design keeps comfort in mind. A bag that could really fit any occasion and is good for the guy who wants a reliable all purpose and all occasion bag.

Do you spend lots of time without access to an outlet? This is what you need

Computer bags for women

Durable and Protective

Computer bags for women in this category tend to contain a lot of nondescript or unisex products. For serious protection bags there are many great choices, but if you want a bit of added style, there is also that category to choose from.


Women get to have a little bit more fun when it comes to picking out professional products. What girl can honestly say she has the best notebook bag if it’s boring? There are many elegant and understated bags available, but these bags offer a bit of flair while still being office appropriate.

Fun and Stylish

In this area women luck out. Eye catching computer bags for women are in no short supply. Almost anywhere you look you’re bound to find something that is stylish and undoubtedly feminine. However, many bags don’t have the quality that matters. With the aid of attendants, you can find bags that offer flair, quirk, and quality.

Check this great bag just made by women for women

Designer laptop bags

For those who appreciate luxury and fine attention to detail in craftsmanship, going for designer laptop bags may be the way to go for you. Designer laptop bags blend fashion and function to produce quality laptop bags that will compliment your unique style. Forged with the best quality materials that could be found around and stamped with a limited and hard to find image they are doubtless cleverly marketed with an emphasis on image, look and appeal that help them commend the price they are displayed at. At the moment some of the hottest brands in the fashion and design world are pushing their bags out with a provision for laptops and notebooks avid users.

Laptop messenger bags

Laptop messenger bags are wonderful for students and professionals alike. They offer comfortable carrying design with organization and access in mind. There are many wonderful laptop messenger bags on the market. You can find them to fit any need and any price range. This is one category that is fun to shop because of its seemingly endless variety and choices.

Geeks and nerds out there, this one is perfect for you.

Computer backpacks

Computer backpacks are quickly gaining popularity, even among established professionals. Computer backpacks offer an alternative to a messenger bag, for people who tend to carry heavier loads or need extra support when carrying work essentials. There are some excellent bags in this category that keep comfort and back health in mind.

Backpackers and outdoor heroes won’t get wrong with this one.

Rolling Computer bag

Rolling computer bags are good for those who travel often. There are a number of very good rollers available that also feature hard covering and detachable wheels. This is, surprisingly, a type of bag that has reliable department store counterparts that offer savings and quality. Target has some great rolling bags and as always your favorite computer accessory companies provide quality high end variations.

Leather Computer bag

Nearly every type of bag mentioned above has some leather variant. You can find a leather computer bag made from every type of leather imaginable, from the high quality pure leather down to the faux leather, from briefcases to backpacks, from messenger to rolling bags. Their prices vary greatly across the whole spectrum and lots of things need to be taken into account before venturing on some path: eg: maintenance and care. There are independent designers making some very unique and high quality bags for very reasonable prices.

Are you a high ranking corporate executive, this one was designed with you in mind.

The market of computer bags whether for man or woman is very wide ranging. The bags discussed are the most revered bags on the market. Be sure to know exactly what “you don’t need” before you begin your search for your best notebook bag. In general you should be willing to make an investment in your computer bag, because it will end up saving you money in the long run. Looking in bargain stores and department stores is not generally suggested. Stick to your needs and don’t compromise cost for quality, you will be glad in the long run.

Doctors and Lawyers will love this one.

Leather computer bagAll in all, what bag you decide to buy and use is your choice because everyone has different style and need. Just make sure that you will choose the best notebook bag for your purpose and need. What you need to be careful of when buying notebook bag is weight. Some bags are heavier than other so make sure your laptop is not too heavy to carry with you. You also need to try carrying a little bit, just to make sure it is handling you. Interior and exterior design is also very important detail you can’t miss. Make sure you like the design. When talking about warranty, some brands and carrying stores offer up to 2 years warranty and some do not even offer 1 month, so be mindful of the quality of the bag.

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