What Are The Top 4 Things to Consider When Shopping For Designer Laptop Bags?

Most women, and also quite a few men, know that a good bag or purse is a basic and important accessory as well as a key fashion statement. These days, laptops and tablets are becoming travelling companions, and you need a bag that will not only carry your laptop but also serve many other purposes. Most bag manufacturers have adapted to this need.  The main designer brands have taken on this challenge as well, and now you can safely carry your laptop in its own designer protective bag, but with all the style and fabulousness you always wanted. Welcome to the world of designer laptop bags.

But where to start? With all the different choices available, your first concern will be deciding which bag is the right one for you.  After all, it is going to travel with you all day if not most of it. Sit back and take into consideration the following factors before you start looking.


Is your laptop on the smaller size ultrabook like the macbook air, or is it one of those 17-inch biggies? The bigger your laptop, the bigger the bag — and the greater protection it will require. For large devices you will need to make sure that the bag has a soft, thickly padded compartment to tuck it into, and perhaps a strap to hold it in as well. You will also need lots of room for accessories (cable, and mouse and headphones if you use them). A few pockets here and there for the rest of your things will also come in very handy.

ThumbnailManufacturerMaterial & ColorLaptop SizePrice
Mancini Leather GoodsLuxurious Italian top grain leatherFits laptop up to 15.5See more details
Johnston & MurphyWaxhide LeatherAccomodates most 15.4 laptop screensSee more details
Floto100% italian calf-skin leatherUp to 13"3See more details
ClaireChaseTop Grain Vaquetta LeatherUp to 15"See more details


Perhaps you only need to transport your laptop to occasional meetings, presentations and interviews. In that case, a simpler bag that protects your laptop and its accessories will do. But if your laptop has become a part of you, if it comes along with you everywhere you go, you might want to consider an all-around bag that you can use for your laptop and everything else — phone, wallet, notebooks, e-reader, paperback novel, makeup bag, lunch box…  It will be your bag, purse, portable office and treasure chest all in one!


Bags are fashion statements. If you can afford the big names and their guarantee of luxury, quality and style, then you will certainly find beautiful deluxe laptop bag from the latest designers. Prada, Armani, D&G, Fendi… they all include designer laptop bags in their latest collections. But if your budget is modest, a bit of searching will no doubt uncover beautiful, quality affordable bags in many other brands. There is no need to overspend, nor give up on your sense of style.


This is where you can have all the fun you want. Designer laptop bags come in so many styles that you are sure to find the right one for you. Whether you are a young university student, a busy professional, a work-at-home designer or programmer, a writer, journalist, blogger, and whatever your age— there is a perfect, stylish bag for you and your laptop.