Computer bags for women: the go-everywhere review

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Urban Junket JB Battery Powered Laptop Tote review

Why buy this bag?

I know you have been looking for a stylish laptop bag for women and quite frankly your search ends here. You have actually come to the right place where we are going to shed some light on the sensational Urban Junket JB Battery Powered Laptop. Totes are computer bags for women and they come in a wide range of colors, styles and materials. We are more than willing to share our experience having used this Amazon for some time now. Urban Junket JB Battery Powered Laptop Tote is a battery powered and eco-friendly laptop bag which is ideal for modern women. This bag comes with complete built-in battery pack which enables users to recharge any typical devices such as smart phones for a period of ten days of partial charges. This stylish laptop bag for women won’t stop arising the typical “where did you buy it” around you. It is compatible with any USB device or even micro USB mobile devices. The purpose of this review is to get beyond the marketing recital into the functionalities, performance and usability of this tote.


The Urban Junket JB Battery Powered Laptop Tote will take your daily commute to the next level. The padded section of this stylish laptop bag for women can help a lot in protecting up to 17 inch laptop and other accessories. Urban Junket JB bag comes in a wide range of striking colors. The magenta Urban Junket tote model which is used for this review is designed to help project some style. The various collections are made from materials that are friendly to the environment, bringing positive impact on the earth. Actually this computer bag has many positive attributes that make us and other users across the internet to give it a 5 star rating.





  • These Urban Junket bags are ideal for multitasking. You can receive power from a socket while at the same time continue to charge any compatible device. These bags can be charged from any electrical outlet connection in your house, office and even get power from your laptop itself. Unlike other charging devices, these computer bags for women take only 2 hours to get their batteries fully charged.
  • Another striking advantage that this bag has is its built-in battery pack. This battery pack can recharge two full smart phones or any typical device for up to a period of ten consecutive days of partial charges. You will find that this battery pack is compatible with any USB powered device such as mp3 players, smart phones, Bluetooth devices, portable gaming devices or even e-readers.
  • This Urban Junket bag has excellent interior features. It has four mini-padded internal pockets used for storing pens, phones, devices, keys. There is also a one Padded laptop section which is zippered for computer protection. This stylish laptop bag for women also has zippered gear bag which is zippered and comes with business card pocket. This card pocket can be used for cord storage. There is also a battery pack designed with a holder slit opening. These components allow the Urban Junket bag battery to be used in both the front pocket and in the main compartment.
  • These computer bags for women are also designed with three internal pockets. One can also use these pockets to store a phone, pen, keys or any portable devices.  
  • The Urban Junket battery powered laptop bag is a CA Prop 65 compliant bag. This means that it does not pose threats of nickel, lead or cadmium to human health. This a good feature especially to our environment conservation and protection.
  • This product is also designed with a large front pocket that is opened by a Velcro flap


The Urban Junket JB Battery Powered Laptop Tote has few notable constrains that of course depend on individual analysis. Below I have outlined these constrains but later you will agree with me that to some people, these constrains cannot be an issue to hold back.

  • The first constrain is related to weight issues. This Urban Junket battery powered laptop bag together with in- built compartments make the bag heavier at full load i.e when carrying laptops and other accessories. But this might not be a big issue since it’ll probably serve to move around on short distances not marathon like journeys.
  • Another constrain is related to the price. Its price is relatively higher when comparing it to other computer bags. So to some people, it might be a bit expensive to them


What makes me say that this model of computer bags for women ticks? I will start by saying that this stylish laptop bag for women has two connections. You will also find that these connections connect one way. The cords in this bag are one obvious such connections and there is a designed battery pack that receives power from an electric outlet or gives power to a device. You will be delighted with the ease of use of the Urban Junket JB Battery Powered Laptop Tote. This bag has no switches or buttons that may render operability complex. What you need if you want to connect with the battery is your own device cords.

Bottom line

Our conclusion on these JB Powered Laptop totes is very straight forward. Needless to repeat the above statements, these computer bags for women are perfect match for your laptop and accessories carrying.  They are designed for multitask on various occasions, so you don’t need to buy extra accessories together with your laptops. The built-in battery pack on JB Powered Laptop tote will recharge your devices for a period of up to ten consecutive days of partial charging. This bag can be recharged and at the same time used to charge any USB-powered device. It can be charged from any standard electrical outlet or pull power from your laptop. It is highly recommended both by us and those who have already taken the dives across the internet. Check it out and give it a try.



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