How to Choose the Best Laptop Backpack for You?


Mobility and connectivity are here and they are here to stay. And the gadgets and devices that make it all possible, especially laptops and ultrabooks pose two questions that need to be addressed:

 1- how to carry them around safely?

2-how to carry them around conveniently?

 In all the selections and offerings available on the market to answer those two questions, one remains the indisputable king: the backpack. So how does one go about sniffing out the best laptop backpack? People nowadays are more selective with the things they own and they only want the best in everything they possess. Are there clues and things to look for when shopping for a laptop backpack? We think so:

 Qualities of Excellent Backpacks

 While some brands do giveaway free laptop bags or backpacks when you purchase their products, very often, the ones they give as freebies do not match our standards when we talk about the quality laptop backpacks.

 Size – the backpack should accommodate not only the size of your laptop measured diagonally but also all the other accessories and mobile office tools such as chargers, Notebooks, pens or pencils, planners… and all other items that may be relevant professionally and personally.

 Features – it is important that the bag is designed to make life easier for the end user: pockets placements, laptop compartment arrangements to offer buffer to the laptop, charging systems in the case of some recent products, length of the charging cables, spare parts, digital lock… All those features act as great benefits to the end user and he should be attentive to those fine points by thoroughly investigating the product across the internet to ensure that those features exist and function seamlessly in the bag he is considering.


Material – leather is the most traditional preference. However, due to factors such as weather, resistance and care some manufacturers have opted for the all-weather, all-terrain and all-environment nylon, denim, and in some cases synthetic polymers to produce excellent backpacks.

 Color – black is the first thing that pops up here. But long is gone the era of “the customer can choose any color as long as it is black” and we are therefore finding out that more and more people, especially female buyers are displaying preferences for other colors such as gray, green, blue, and even pink. Taste and preference are playing factors and fortunately several brands have understood that well and are offering their products in different colors to appeal to the different audiences they serve. Still, it goes without saying that black is a far superior choice when it comes to managing the inevitable tears and wears.

 The Price and Brand Factor

Brands are status symbol. Depending on the type of job and the company that you work for, the label can become a deciding factor. Considering that backpacks are often found with geeks and techies, a mid level brand is quite fine and there are a number of them offering well designed backpacks for the pure delight of users and those around them. Just like colors, brands at the end of the day are more the result of subjective considerations than objective ones but one thing should remain standard: price goes hand in hand with brand. The higher you set your gaze when it comes to brand notoriety, the higher you should expect to spend to offer yourself that little treat.

 Bottom line

Apart from color, the best laptop backpack should meet some definitive standards and expectations from day one. The aforementioned points are by no means exhaustive and should serve as guide for the buyer to craft his own criteria. What’s important is that what you get does get the job done in terms of usability or appearance.

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