Choosing The Best Rolling Computer Bag For You: 5 things to watch for.

 A rolling computer bag (also known as “wheeled” or “roller” bag) is a great solution for frequent travelers that must carry computer equipment with them and need to combine comfort, security and manageability all in one single bag. They are especially suitable for long distances and heavy equipment. If you intend to purchase one but don’t know where to start, it would be a good idea to consider a few factors.

Do you need to transport a lot of equipment, not just your laptop? Maybe you wish to use your rolling computer bag as a carryon bag. As long as there is a sturdy, safe compartment inside where your laptop can roll along without much friction, you can fill it up with all your other items. It will easily become your personal portable office on long trips or out of office meetings. Large models are sturdy and heavy, almost like a piece of luggage, but easier to handle. Of course, there are also smaller, lighter models that can work for you if what you need is just a light and manageable transport for your laptop.

So now that you are settled on the size and purpose of your rolling computer bag, it is time to think about what you want out of it.

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Pay good attention to the qualities of the bag, especially the followings:

  • Wheels and stability

The contents of a rolling computer bag are delicate. Wheels should be shock-resistant, and in bigger models it would be a good idea to have four wheels instead of two, as they add stability. This can also be ensured with proper support from the front wheels. You don’t want your bag toppling back all of a sudden.

  • Zippers, locks and edges

Does the zipper look like it is going to stay zipped up? Are the pull tabs easy to pull? Also, is there a built-in lock or space to put one of your own? Are the seams and borders reinforced? If you fill your rolling computer bag to its capacity or beyond, you don’t want to find that the seams have burst or the zipper has broken.

  • Handles

They should be light, durable and adaptable to different heights. Usually they are the telescoping type, with an ergonomic handle on top. Make sure that you are comfortable holding it, and that it feels good on your hand.

  • Compartments and organization

 The laptop compartment is, for obvious reasons, the most important feature. It should be thickly padded and secured, perhaps with a Velcro strap or similar. Check that your computer does not hop around in it. You will need other compartments for accessories, peripherals and any additional items you wish to take along with you. Some bags include a handy file compartment, with thick stiff panels.

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  • Material and fabric

The material is usually the same you would expect on a good piece of luggage. Thick leather, industrial nylon, or the more recent polycarbonate hard cases are all good options, as long as they are top quality.

When it comes to purchasing your rolling computer bag, there are many buying criteria and quality indicators. These very important factors mentioned above should be considered when choosing the right rolling computer bag for you.

So there you have it. Go ahead and get a rolling computer bag if you think it’s the best notebook bag for you.

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