Computer Bags for Men: How to Choose the Right One?

Carrying your laptop around all day does not have to be cumbersome or uncomfortable. As laptops and tablets become an ever increasing companion of our everyday life both for leisure and work, there is an increasing number of options out there in computer bags for men. But before you run (or log in) to the store, it is a good idea to consider a few things.

What do you need it for?

Are you strictly business-oriented, a working commuter, or perpetually travelling to meetings? Then your best option would be a briefcase— type computer bag, with a well organized set of compartments including space for any accessories and peripherals such as cable, headphones, mouse, and so on. And, of course, lots of spaces where you can store your wallet, phone, keys, notebooks, thermos… after all, it is like a portable office. If, on the other hand, you just like to take your computer with you to the nearest park, coffee shop, or occasional out-of-office meeting, then you might want to consider a simpler, more comfortable backpack or light urban bag. These models are specially fitted for computers, with lots of protective panels and handy compartments.

And now that you have a better idea of what size and type of bag you need, it is time for the fun part: the style.

How large or small?

Do you have a light 7-inch screen tablet, or a heavy 17-inch screen laptop? If it is a small hand-held device, then a simple case (in neoprene, leather or synthetic material) will normally do. Many of these have a built-in keyboard and desk stand, and can be tucked inside a larger bag, briefcase or backpack. There are also smaller specially adapted carriers for tablet-sized computers where you can fit them in, with or without their own cases (many tablets, like the iPad, usually have custom cases and covers that you do not need to remove). The small-device bags come in the largest range of designs, with lots of different fun prints, patterns and styles. In the men’s section you can find comfortable bandoliers or shoulder-bags that you can just sling across your shoulders.

For larger devices like laptops, there are more protective and sophisticated types of bags, from the simple messenger bag or briefcase, backpack or sturdy all-purpose bag to heavy-duty trolleys and suitcases where you can pack all your equipment.

But what do you exactly need your bag for? This brings us to the next factor to consider when shopping for computer bags for men.

Exciting Designs

Computer bags for men are no longer boring, serious and functionally dull briefcases. They follow the latest fashionable trends, with a style for everyone and every attitude: sophisticated and (often expensive) leather cases, rugged-looking canvas bags, messenger bags with hundreds of different designs, water-resistant rucksacks and backpacks.

Whether you are an absorbed business entrepreneur or an urban hipster, an energetic university student or a tranquil retiree, now you can carry your computer devices with all the functionality, protection and style you need.

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